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Don't be such a Lazybones!


Lazybones clothing has become well known for its vintage signature prints, delicate embroidery and jacquard knitwear.

For all seasons, Lazybones' cotton and linen attire comes in a range of classic designs that continually evolve to inspire and delight our clients who have grown to love this brand.

Moss and Burrows are the exclusive Daylesford stockists for Lazybones.

Saltwater Sandals all the way!

Red Saltwater Sandals

Designed for the Californian beach, Saltwater Sandals fit in perfectly with the Australian lifestyle.

Crafted from durable leather, Salties mold to the shape of your foot with repeated wear - a process that's accelerated when wet.

The perfect classic sandal for everyday wear as well as for a day at the beach.

When they need a little TLC, just throw them in the washing machine! Salties are the ultimate, low maintenance sandal.

Moss and Burrows are happy to be the exclusive Daylesford stockists for Saltwater Sandals.

We     Toms

Toms Shoes

Buying a pair of Toms shoes is not just good for your feet - you are also helping put shoes on the feet of children in poverty.

Moss and Burrows specialise in stocking Toms classic Argentinian espadrilles "Alpargatas" style.

Moss and Burrows are proud to be the exclusive Daylesford outlet for Toms.